At Dana Care we have a management team with over 25 years experience caring for elderly individuals living in their own homes. Through this we have gained a wide range of knowledge, understanding and expertise which enables us to provide the best service possible. The knowledge, understanding and expertise we have gained is reflected in all our employees at Dana Care and we pride ourselves on the close relationship we have with each and every one of our service users.

All of our employees are interviewed, referenced, trained and undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring check to ensure that they are the best candidates to meet all of our service users’ needs.

Quality Assurance

At Dana Care we believe that there is an importance to assess, improve and develop the service we provide and we feel that the best judges are the people who receive the service. Therefore every 6 months there will a visit from a member of the management team where the Service User can bring up any issues and problems that they might have. They can also express any changes that they feel would improve our service.

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